Sunday, August 10, 2008

Letter from Brother Boyd K. Packer

The following information was provided by the Church to the California stake

July 28, 2008

Dear Presidents:

Yesterday a wonderful meeting was held with the eight Area Directors in
Northern California. These are amazingly powerful people. The Area
folks represent the grassroots effort for the passage of the Proposition
and their responsibility overlays each Coordinating Council. This was
a great and powerful meeting. I assure you that the LDS folks who work
closely with or who are on the Board directly , of the coalition are
very impressive and politically experienced folks. It was great to see.

I have a few answers to frequent questions that are being asked and I
feel that if I were you, I'd wanna know. Hope that this helps:

Organization, it' s a little confusing!? Answer: The Brethren have
felt that the best way to organize and pass the Proposition is to have
an Ecclesiastical arm and a Grassroots arm to organization. Elder
Dalton, Area Seventy and Chair of California for every thing, reports to
the Brethren. I assist him. We work with coordinating councils, all 17
in California and then Stake Presidents and Bishops, rank and file. The
second leg to organization is grassroots. This is done so as to engage
as many like minded folks who are not LDS, but whom will help. The
senior folks who run the grassroots are LDS at the coalition and are
headed by Gary Greener and Gary Lawrence. These folks are assisted in
Nor Cal by Boyd Smith, and in turn by Area, then Regional Directors.
The regional directors overlay Stakes. Below are Zip Code Supervisors
by wards.

What is the role of grassroots? Answer: The grassroots folks in each
Stake, Regional Directors will train zip code supervisors. Their goal,
is to find the voters who will vote yes. It is not to persuade
others,.....but to find those who will vote yes. The ZCS will seek, with
the RD help, to encourage as many as the ward members and like minded
people as possible, to accept eight different responsibilities, all from
walking a precinct to determine folks opinions (not to sell), to
calling, to placing signage, to a myriad of essential tasks that Area
Directors will oversee. Please know Presidents, that the RDs/ZCS's will
be contacting many many people to accept responsibilities. We hope that
you are fine with this happening without the Stake President or Bishop
approving each assignment! We assume that you are ok with that!!

Will like minded people from other congregations really join with us?
Answer: There was a conference call last week with 1200 pastors in
California with James Dobson as the featured speaker. This Thursday,
there is another conference call with 2000 California clergy. It
appears that the effort on the part of like minded people is huge
compared to eight years ago. The Area Directors and Regional Directors
will be aware of contacting the congregations for a joint effort.
Walking the precincts in particular is where we all may have an
opportunity to grab a good friend of another religion and walk with
them. If LDS people want to participate in that conference and know of
the site of broadcast, they are welcome to go.

What is the timeline from here for the next few weeks.? Answer:
1 Congregations of LDS all having been taught the doctrine in July
so that
they may see the importance of fundraising and grassroots participation.
Some Stakes have called all Stake Council and wives as well as several
folks who may be able to contribute not on the Council. The Stake
President, in that Cottage Meeting, has asked for their support. A
great part of a fund raising effort,.accomplishe din one night.
2 August 1st All Regional Directors have been called and
contacted by Area
Directors for training.
3 August 3rd Training of Regional Directors commences by the Area
4 August 1st-10th Zip Code Supervisors are in place and are to be
by Regional Directors..
5 August 16th The First of three Saturday precinct walks are to
be held
under the direction of the Regional Directors.
6 August 23rd The Second of the Saturday precinct walks are to be
7 Sept. 22nd One million signs will be put up in yards around the
state at

Other timeline events will be planned and executed and you will be

That's enough. if I caused more questions than answered, please hit me

Thanks for all that you and have on your plate. The Lord will make up
whatever we all feel we are lacking.

Brother Packer


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